Good Good Study Learning School (GGS), a nonprofit educational organization located in Montgomery Township, is pleased to announce the introduction of a high quality afterschool program dedicated to teaching Chinese language skills to the children of our community. GGS will conduct Chinese language classes within Montgomery School District facilities from dismissal time until 6:00pm every school day.

 All classes are led by qualified language instructors.Students are exposed daily to rich and diverse Chinese heritage, culture, and traditions through fun and interactive classroom activities. Also the 
combined study hall program allows all school homework to be performed in the class as an extended part of a student’s school day. 

Families now will have more free time after work. In addition to serving Chinese heritage children, GGS also provides Chinese as a second language (CSL), fulfilling a growing need for introducing Chinese language and culture to the general population. From young age, students will have a unique opportunity to explore the most widely spoken language in the world, helping them to develop an important life skill.